Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thomas Bus Heater Blower Motor Replacement

There are 4 Front heater blower motors on the Thomas School Bus Saf-T-Liner Model. With Winter on it's way this is an important maintenance area, defrosting of the windshield has to be accomplished quickly.
The heater blower motors also serve as defrost motors with a quick change up on the controls. Each motor has 4 wires for high/low speed and 2 grounds.
The direction can be reversed using the ground wires. One is grounded directly while the other is connected internally back to the motor, reversing these 2 will change direction.

This Thomas Pusher Bus is a 1992 model, removing the middle and left side panels will allow access to all 4 heater blower motors.
The tandem motor in the middle looks after main defrost and heat while each motor on the ends provide floor heat to the driver and defrost/heat to both ends of the cab.
The main failures on these motors are dry bushings causing noise and seizure and blower cage noise.

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