Tuesday, November 15, 2005


This procedure applies to any heavy duty truck steering axle. This particular axle is manuactured by EATON Corp. Raise up front end and set steering axle down on appropriate floor jacks and back off brakes.

With drain pan in place remove oil hub cap, cotter pin, wheel bearing adjusting nut and washer.

Remove wheel and hub assembly with proper wheel jack and clean out gear oil in wheel hub.

To remove wheel seal it's necessary to use a punch, striking inner bearing which eventually pops the seal out of the hub. When hitting bearing make sure punch strikes against the INNER bearing race to avoid damage to the bearing cage.

Our shop uses STEMCO wheel seals which have a wear ring that's installed on the axle shaft. To remove the wear ring I use a bushing splitter tool. Another method is to peen the outside of the ring with a ball-peen hammer which expands the ring diameter causing it to slide off the axle shaft easily.
Using the proper tool, install new wear sleeve making sure the edge is flush on axle shoulder.

After cleaning and inspecting wheel bearings pre-lube with 80w90 gear oil. Using seal installation tool, drive new seal into hub until it bottoms.

The inner bearing and wheel seal is now properly installed and ready for the next step.

Using a wheel jack install wheel and hub assembly back onto steering axle, being careful not damage seal in the process. Having the brakes backed off makes this step much easier.

Fill the hub with 80w90 gear oil before installing outer wheel bearing which should be pre-lubed as well.
Tighten wheel bearings while rotating wheel, this will seat bearings properly. Back off and torque to 25 foot pounds lining up cotter pin hole at the same time.

NOTE: I've been using this bearing torque spec. for years and have never had a problem.

It's easier this way since the alternative method was by feel or to visually check to see if all the bearing rollers on the outer bearing were turning evenly. It doesn't hurt to double check with the latter method if you want to make double sure the bearings are adjusted properly.

On the drive axles I torque the wheel bearings to 50 ft. lbs. and the outer locking nut to 250 ft. lbs. These specs. were provided by the CARLISLE Brake Organization.

Install NEW cotter pin and bolt up oil hub cap and fill with 80w90 gear oil until proper level is reached.
Lastly, re-adjust brakes and check opposite wheel adjustment to make certain brakes are adjusted evenly. ON THE ROAD AGAIN!


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