Sunday, January 15, 2006

Automatic slack adjusters keep a constant clearance between your brake linings and brake drum, approxamately 25 thousands of an inch. The push rod travel stays at one and a half inches when the slack adjusters are working properly.

They can be adjusted manually and by the operator: by performing a full brake application[the air pressure must be over 90] with brakes hot. This will assure proper adjustment, the slack adjuster automatically ratchets to take up any slack in the brake push rod travel. These slack adjusters [manufactured by HALDEX]are very reliable but do wear out causing no auto adjustment which will be obvious during a brake check.
During a service we check the push rod travel on a regular basis, every 3000 km. [1800 miles]

The push rod travel must not exceed 2 inches. For a fleet operation auto slacks are the way to go since continually adjusting air brakes can take a lot of man hours.

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