Thursday, January 19, 2006

This bus has done it's time and we removed the engine and transmission to be re-used. The Engine has 200,000 km[120,000 miles] and the trans. has 20,000 km[12,000 miles]. There is a lot of life left on these components so it was decided to salvage all the parts we could off this bus and give away the shell to a local auto
wrecker. Usually retired buses are sent to the auction but in this case we needed the transmission for another unit whose trans. failed. Sending out transmissions {Model MT-643} for rebuild usually costs between four and five thousand dollars. The savings here are much greater than what we would have received from an auction sale.


Ken said...

I am thinking about replacing a Cummins 555 with a Cummins 8.3 in a DP motorhome. Wondering if you know of anyone who has done it or how feasable it would be to do it. I was told that a 92-93 8.3 would be a year since they don't have all the electronics and that the mileage should be around 9-11 mpg. Can you provide an opinion on this? Thank you.

John Whelan said...

From John Whelan
The block is totally different, since the 8.3 is an in-line 6 the motor mounts and trans hookup would be difficult. It's not impossible but just a lot of re-engineering to make it fit. said...

I have a question. Do the front 4 mount bolts require a selant to prevent oil loss? I took the truck downt the road and it started blowing oil. the only cuase i could think of would be these bolts. I've revoved the entire front cover the only seepage i can see is around these bolts.