Friday, January 27, 2006


This Thomas school bus is a 1998 conventional with a DT 466E INTERNATIONAL DIESEL ENGINE. The radiator core was seeping coolant near the bottom tank, the core itself did not look too healthy so replacement was the only option.

The hood has two hinge pins and wiring harness so it can be easily removed. The air shutters, lines and hoses are next while the coolant is being drained. The radiator as you can see is half the distance across to allow the air charge cooler to be fitted. Complete removal is easily done since all the components are easily accessable and not too heavy. A re-core was the only solution so there is no patch job to worry about and less chance of a service call. This bus runs 45 miles out of town on backroads, a thorough repair is essential.

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I'd like to ask you a technical question but I'm on a public computer without a mail client so I can't email you directly. It's about an 8L HINO truck engine that I work on myself. If you have the time, email me at



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