Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The 3126B diesel engine is electronically controlled and used extensively in the medium duty industry. The basics of this engine takes advantage of the 3116's best features and years of experience with the addition of the electronically controlled fuel system and larger displacement.

The fuel control system is controlled by an electronic control module known as the ECM. The delivery of the fuel is accomplished by the Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector system [HEUI]. The ECM will identify sensor malfunctions and operating conditions out of the ordinary. A failure code will then be displayed on the dash to alert the driver/mechanic.

The ECM receives signals from various sensors for monitoring purposes:
  • injection actuation pressure
  • turbo boost pressure
  • engine speed
  • engine timing
  • coolant temperature
  • air intake temperature
  • throttle position
  • vehicle speed

The start and duration of fuel injection is controlled electronically by the ECM while the sensors supply data to the ECM to optimize fuel injection in all driving conditions.

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