Saturday, March 18, 2006

Rear Differential

Rear Differential removal is an easy task if you have the right tools and equipment.
Do it once and you will instantly become an old hand at it. Rear differentials are heavy enough that a hydraulic transmission jack must be used.
Once the oil is drained the axles must be removed. Use an impact and remove the axle stud nuts. Then wack the end of the axle with the biggest sledge hammer you can find! This is necessary because of taper locks on the studs, there will be oil flowing out of the hub once the axles are removed. Next step is to remove the driveshaft, now we are ready to remove the complete assembly.
This rear differential we are removing here is made by 'Eaton' a very popular model in the truck industry...
Remove the rear differential housing bolts and remove the complete rear differential carrier. Now you are ready to inspect the rear differential for any damage or wear.
Usually when you inspect the magnetic drain plug there might be evidence of metal filings or fragments. If there was a steady howling noise it may be the bearings or if there was only howling while coasting or under load the crown and pinion gears might be the problem.
In any case, if repair is necessary a complete disassembly and analysis of the rear differential is recommended. This is a basic overview on removing a rear differential.

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