Friday, November 03, 2006

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine-Cylinder Head Installation

The head gasket I used here is thicker because the block deck was machined. The piston potrusion must be between .020 and .035 in.
Using a depth guage I had a reading of .038 in. so the thicker gasket was required.

When Installing the cylinder head on our 3116 Diesel Engine we must make sure to perform the proper torque sequence.

The normal sequence is an alternating pattern starting at the center of the head. This is a universal pattern no matter what engine model you are working on.

The large bolts are torqued first at 45 ft. lbs. then 320 ft. lbs.

Check again at 320 ft. lbs. {there is a + or - 15 ft. lbs.} I stick to 320.

Torquing up to 320 ft. lbs. requires a 3/4 drive torque wrench. The smaller bolts are torqued to 45 ft. lbs. once the main head bolts have been torqued.
The threads and underside of the head bolt shoulders have to be lightly lubricated with engine oil before installation.

More to come on our 3116 Diesel Engine Rebuild......


Anonymous said...

Hi, I recently had worked rebuilding a 3116 cat. the original block and head were cracked , so the owner order new or reconditioned ones.I placed the head in position, but did not have a large enough torque wrench, so a cat licensed mechanic was brought in to torque the head and set up the rockers valves and fuel system. on installation the engine started fine, sounded good and quite, good oil pressure etc. it was brought up to temp and tested under load. it performed well and got full rpm. 30 hours later in began to show trouble, i.e. bubbles in the coolant.the mechanics who torqued the head down removed it, at which time they found the bolts to be loose. they took the head to a shop a said on inspection they though the pistons had been hitting the head because the gasket was not thick enough. my question is, if the deck had been shaved isn't it the responsibility of the machine shop to indicate to you that this has been done. also the pistons were hitting would you not hear it, and would it still get full rpm under load. and would that cause the head bolts to come loose.Cat supplied the gaskets based on serial numbers given from the block, and at no time did anyone mention the need or availiblity of a thicker gasket. I am just looking for an opinion on the matter as I assembled the bottom end and now people are looking to me for answers. so I thought I would see if maybe you had an anonymumus opinion on the matter.Thanks

John Whelan said...

There is a thicker head gasket available if the block surface has been machined. The machine shop usually stamps the block indicating this has been done. The pistons run very close to the head so yes the head bolts would stretch somewhat with that much force agaist the head and loosen off.