Friday, November 10, 2006

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine-Fuel Rack Installation & Adjustment.

Injector Synchronization
This is an over view of this procedure, you definitely need the 3116 tune up kit for this and any other adjustment. The kit comes with a very detailed instruction booklet and once you have gone through a couple of settings and understand exactly what is being accomplished with each adjustment it gets easier with experience.

Installing fuel Rack
The fuel rack has been bolted down with 4 allen head bolts torqued to 9 + or - 2 ft. lbs.
Remove fuel shutdown solenoid to allow complete rack movement.

Install injector hold downs so injector racks move freely. Don't force injector racks, this will cause damage. The hold downs come with the complete 3116 tune up kit. The hold downs slightly compress the injector spring allowing rack movement.

Synchronization Set Up
Injectors that have been removed must be synchronized and it's much easier with the rocker arms removed.

Place the 3.50 mm block[chain attached as seen in photo above] between injector rack stop rod and injector body on #1 injector. So the #1 injector rack is extended 3.50mm away from fuel shut off position [fuel shut off is when the rack stop pin is touching injector body]

Note: #1 injector is preset from factory and cannot be altered, the remaining injectors are set according to #1 injector settings.

There is also a synchronizer plunger adjustment that sets rack movement[for the synchronization adjusment only], this tool threads into two rocker arm mounting holes. Using the dial indicator [which is reading fuel rack movement] we can set the adjustable plunger to proper specs.

Once everything is set up you go to the injector that needs adjustment. Using our tool kit pliers we carefully clamp onto the fuel rack shaft and go to full fuel position, set dial indicator to zero and let rack go. The reading has to be 3.50 mm [there is a + or - allowed but I like to get it bang on] Now you can see why the 3.50 mm block is left in #1 injector for this adjustment.

Each injector has a seperate adjustment screw and once adjusted you'll have perfect synchronization and maximum performance out of your Cat 3116 Diesel Engine....


Duane said...

Your showing the tool to measure, the 3.50 mm reading using a spacer under it to make up for the inlet manifold, which is what I do, but you did not mention it in your directions, when showing it this way. Some people may wonder how you did it, when tring for the first time.

Duane said...

Have you seen the 3.00mm spacer that is shipped with the tooling. Have not run into the injector that uses that one!

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