Friday, February 09, 2007

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine Installation into a Thomas School Bus

Thomas School Bus Diesel Engine Installation: This engine was rebuilt in our shop because of a wayward exhaust valve seat that didn't want to stay in one piece. So consequently everything from the head down had to be rebuilt.

Step one:
Tow in dead School Bus.
We will utilize our shop made tow bar that has been around for a couple of decades, but still does the job.

It may still make it to the "Smithsonian Institute"

The Bus made it into the shop and is now waiting for some Diesel Power to give it life once again.

Mounting "Allison New World" Transmission to engine flywheel housing and flexplate [much easier on the floor!]

Engine and transmission are together now [the transmission is supported by the trans. jack]
The entire assembly will be installed together.

The bumper and frame support were removed previously which makes the installation job much easier!
The complete engine and trans. assembly slid into place nicely.

The engine is resting on the front and rear engine mounts. Now comes the fussy part connecting wiring, hoses and accessories.

Tow bar installer obviously having a good time!

Once the bus to be towed is aired up it's easily manuevered into the shop with two operators.

Having lots of space to work is always a bonus! I will post more pictures as the job progresses.
The final picture will be smoke coming out the tailpipe....

That's basically all there is to it when installing a diesel engine/transmission into a Thomas School Bus.

Watch This Project On Video Put Together With Still Pictures

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Anonymous said...

we have a thomas bus with a cat 3116 we are looking for the gear between the air compressor and power steering pump that drives the power steering pump