Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cummins Diesel Engine Turbo Failure

Cummins Diesel 'C' Models come with a Holset brand Turbocharger. The operator noticed a noise coming for the engine, it was the turbocharger compressor and turbine wheels making contact with the turbo housing.

When a turbocharger fails it's hard to guess how much damage has occurred and how much debris has gone through the system.
In this case on one of our "C" Cummins Engines the turbo shaft bearings failed and the oil which is fed from the engine under pressure entered the exhaust and intake system.

Once you get oil in the system and various particulates or even chunks from the failed turbocharger it is recommended to replace the air charge cooler as well.
This one was saturated with engine oil, we always have a rebuilt air charge cooler on hand since there has been problems with the aluminum core deteriorating causing turbo boost leakage and loss of power.

The turbocharger was sent out for repair and all the piping checked and cleaned out as required. This problem was caught in time by the operator who heard the noise from the engine as it happened.
If undetected there would have been much more damage. Once we replaced the turbo and the air charge cooler this bus was ready to go once again.
This is what could happen and most times cannot be avoided on a Cummins Diesel Engine.

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Thanks for your answer on the cummins engine but we need more light on how to correct issues of exhausting and red/lighting of the malfold.
Sir, i will apprecaite it alot if you can provide a quick answer to this question.My email addres is
My engine type is K19 with 2 turbo.