Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cat 3116 Engine Synchronization Video Tutorial

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine Setting Synchronization is a multi-step operation and requires the Cat Tune up Kit. Some standard hand tools will work but most of the setting tools are specially designed for this purpose. NOTE: Remove fuel solenoid before starting synchronization, this allows free rack movement.

Below is Step One:

Calibrating #1 Injector

Step Two:

Setting Up For Injector Synchronization

Step Three:

How To Adjust Injector Synchronization

This is the hardest step to get around {especially for the first time} but comes much easier with repetition. The Cat 3116 Diesel Engine is a fussy engine to tune up but it pays you back with great performance.


Anonymous said...

i have 3 units 3116 engine in my fleet of 3208 cat, cummins & Detroit Diesels.Your tutorials gives me the idea of how to set up the injector timing ang rack setting since it is almost the same as the DD & cummins engine. I don't have the tools needed to sync and time the injectors the only thing i did is do it same as we did on detroit engine. Anyway, it would be very thankfull and really appreciated if you can tell me the correct measurement from the top of the spring to the machine portion of the injector body. which is illustrated as "D". How many millimeter is it? i can use a vernier caliperto correctly time the injector if i know the correst distance or lenght. more power and thank you.

John Whelan said...

The spring height [for timing] is different for every engine and is found on the spec plate on the valve cover. This dimension is given in millimeters and the injector must be closed. Adjust 3/5/6/ injector on #1 compression &1/2/4/ on #6 compression stroke.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John, my problem is the specs plate of my unit is unreadable,all left behind is the white color plate on the valve cover. Since, you are an expert on this model of engine, what should i do if i don't have any references to start with? i have tried measuring my other unit and do the same in the other that i am working on, but i have a little problem, back pressure to the fuel tank is a bit high. Does doing the same as cummins PT injector setting would solve my back pressure problem? i haven't tried it yet but i may go that far if i can't get the back pressure to the tank tamed. another question if you may allow, How many inch lbs. do i have to exert on this type of injector in a close position? Thanking you in advance of your very helpful insights.

John Whelan said...

If you have back pressure in the fuel tank there is a problem with compression leaking past the injector seats in the head. The compression gets in the return line back to the tank and causes very rough performance. The only way to remedy this is to pull the injectors and machine the injector seats or replace them if required. The injectors then must be seated properly with "injector seating tool" Do a search in my blog for that term and "cat 3116" and all my posts on this subject will come up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you John, I don't have a rough engine running with a back pressure in the Tank. but it seems to me that it is not right. Have all the sleeve of the injector changed and hydrotested for leaking.changed them all because of fuel went up to the radiator coolant reservoir, upon 1st hydrotest i've found one with pinhole and others are slowly leaking water on the expanded top of the sleeve. i find it very stranged to have back pressure in the tank but in all the engine is running fine. no misfires and accelerates good. did check the setting of the injector but no signed of compression leaks on its seated portion. My follow up question is " is this normal to have tank back pressure?" the other 2 units i have have the same back pressure in the tank. so i assumed that this is normal in this engine. as per my referrence of the injector timing i just measured and followed the other engine. and it works well. no smoke completely normal to my view.
as we have run the engine for quite awhile temperature is also normal. anyway,we have tried hauling heavy container and the engine really kicks in good. By the way i did used a sleeve sealant in the tip and the top portion of the sleeves then expanded it after an hour of setting in. leave it for 24 hrs to purely cure then mounted back the cylinder head to the unit. and i do really thank you for your reply on my query and your internet preview gives me the idea although i don't have the proper tools in my disposal. More power to your site and i'll be back often for another educational visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I have a 3116D and have a strange problem. I recently had the injectors, fuel pump and turbo replaced and since doing this the boat doesn't run properly. When you run the ignition all sounds well, you accelerate and all is well - the problem is that when the turbo has come in if you lower the throttle slightly and then reapply the throttle there is a huge loss of power for around 3 seconds and then all is well again. You can recreate the problem over and over and it seems to get worse the more you do it. It is as if there is no fuel getting to the engine but there seems to be no obvious leak/disruption. Could changine the turbo, injectors and pump have caused this or could it just be coinsidence. Any help greatly received!

John Whelan said...

The new changes could be effecting the performance if the problem did not exist before. I would check the wastegate on the turbo, it dumps boost pressure when it reaches a certain pressure[around 20 psi]you'll see an arm that operates the gate on the turbo and a boost sensing air line, make sure it's operating properly.

Also there is a steel boost line from the intake manifold that goes to the governor, make sure there are no leaks. This line signals the governor with turbo boost so it can regulate fuel delivery.

george said...

Hi John: I found this post and am interested in seein the vids posted but for some reason can't figure out how to get them to work. I have a cat 3116 and am in the process of setting up top end . Is there any way to see the vids? thanx in advance geo.

John Whelan said...

I just tried the videos and they are working. They are on Youtube as well..just search for Cat 3116 injector synchronization.