Thursday, September 11, 2008

Perkins Diesel Engine Assembly

The Perkins diesel engine has been around a long time and I'm very impressed with this engine assembly video. If you notice the front timing gears, they are literally bulletproof. Much more durable than a timing belt on a fuel injected vehicle.

The pistons are one piece opposed to the 2 piece units that are usually installed on higher horsepower engines. The injectors are a hydraulic type that actuate under extremely high pressures. At the right time the fuel injection pump delivers high pressure fuel out each injection line at the exact time to the next injector in line on the combustion stroke or power stroke.

Diesel engines can take a licking alright but still need good maintenance. Once you get carbon buildup from lack of maintenance you're looking at poor valve and injector performance and hydrocarbons galore eating away at engine components. So oil changes, fuel filter and air filter replacement and regular valve sets are key to avoiding trouble down the road.

Enjoy The Show!

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