Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Benefits of Diesel Mechanic Colleges .

Back in 1977 I entered Diesel Mechanic School at the local college. This was the start of my 4 year apprenticeship as a Heavy Duty Mechanic. This first step was called a pre-apprenticeship which would last 6 months. I had never touched a diesel engine before and had some automotive/small engine experience from high school.

There was also other areas that would be covered such as gas engines, electrical components, hydraulics, air brakes & drive trains. I really enjoyed all this technical stuff even though it was information overload.

Obtaining diesel mechanic info was my primary objective as well as experiencing hands on maintenance and repairs. With the aid of pictures, videos and books my first taste of college was very positive.

Learning about tools and how to use them including dial indicators, micrometers and other specialty tools was a huge asset. When you hit the pavement with your resume you need to know the language. Diesel Mechanic pay these days depends on your experience and where you live. This trade is very diverse; mining, highway trucks, earth moving equipment and fuel injection are some of the specialized fields that you can choose from.

A Video Says A Thousand Words!

Once you get some experience under your belt you will be looking for more challenges and honing your troubleshooting skills. I like working out in the field as a mobile diesel mechanic because you don't know exactly what's in store for you when you get to the problem.

If you're interested in getting into this trade I would go down to the nearest diesel mechanic college or technical school and ask some questions about the curriculum and cost. You usually have to buy your own books which can add up fast but they will pay you back ten fold with new found knowledge. I'm content now after working in this trade for 32 years and find myself telling a lot of stories about experiences and aha moments & wouldn't trade it for the world!


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I don't own the rights to this photo and don't know who owns it. I would like to give them credit if they contact me some day. It's a great descriptive shot.

diesel mechanic said...

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