Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Troubleshooting Electronic Diesel Engines

Troubleshooting electronic diesel engines can be a headache if you don't have the troubleshooting software required to check for codes. This is the first step when there is a amber or red code indicator light on the dash.

Once you rertrieve the code you can get a general idea what part of the electronic system to start focusing on. It may be a lost signal from a sensor or an innacurate signal that the computer (ECM) picked up.

Computers being as logical as they are will pick up on anything that is not within parameters according to the way they were programmed. This is a grreat advantage to your troubleshooting process.

Don't rule out the basics. A poor connection causing resistance will fool the ECM on the amount of resistance or voltage a sensor relays back to home. Always check connections both positive and ground starting at the battery.

There have been several instances in my shop where a poor ground has been the root of many electrical problems especially with electronic systems. So the first step is to check the electrical source thoroughly and then hook up the laptop.

If you send me a question about an electronic diesel engine with a code on the dash, I will tell you to follow the sequence in the above paragraph. It's reality now, every shop running or servicing electronic diesel engines need to have the proper software to get by with day to day operations.


Anonymous said...

I have an I530 E international in a 1999 4900 truck. Last winter in the cold it would start in the morning run 5 to 10 seconds and then die. usually it would start right back up stumble and then stay running. one time it did not start again. After some reading ,I removed the oil temp censor and filled the resivor with oil and started right up. That never happened again. But still stalled when cold out.A whole year has passed and have used the truck now and then. Last week went to use it and returning noticed the engine derated and set code 333and had stored code 335. cleared code and drove, set 333 and derated again. Since that day I replace the IPC , The IPR Pigtails on both those components, checked the harnessto the computer for shorts pin to pin , pin to ground. put my spare cam censor in, No Joy ! same problem. starts great hot runs fine when running , no smoke idles great does not use much oil. By the way the first thing I did was change the oil and put 15/40 rotella in it. did not help. I made a pressure gauge but did not dead head the pump yet. I put 6 new Injectors in it about 5000k miles ago. Got any Thoughts?

John Whelan said...

We had a 1998 DT that would not start cold and ended up changing the engine oil pump and regulator. Used 0w40 synthetic engine oil as well. Never reocurred after that. Here is the post. below.http://schoolbusmechanic.blogspot.ca/2010/02/dt-466-diesel-engine-engine-oil.html