Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vehicles Pollute Even When They're Parked?

So here I was cruising through some Google News articles and came across this report about vehicles in Australia in the millions that do not have the proper evaporative emission canisters to trap hydrocarbons before they escape from the fuel tank into the atmosphere. Even new vehicles that have the right equipment fill up with gases and spew out the excess build up after sitting for 24 hrs.

Hydrocarbons are in the vapour that escapes from petrol tanks on a warm day. Most newer cars have canisters that trap them before they are released but if cars are left sitting for longer than 24 hours the canisters can fill up and stop working until the vehicle is driven, the Second National In-Service Emissions Study found.

This interesting fact makes me think of the grandfathered vehicles out there that don't meet emission standards that will not only pump out carbon monoxide but also emit hydrocarbon fumes out the tank if left idle over 24 hours.

So I guess we will have to weigh the difference between going the public transit route or driving to work to clear out all those nasty destructive gas fumes. If you ask me I thing taking the subway or bus is a greater benefit overall.

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You can read the article in it's entirety Here

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Joseph DePrato said...

this system looks pretty intence but looking at preventitive maintenance what happens if the screen gets clogged where would the fuel go???? I've experienced this same idea with the International MAXFORCE when the screen gets clogged it dumps the fuel back into the engine mainly the oil pan ?????

Anonymous said...

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