Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crescent Mechanics Tool Set Review

This is a quick review of a Crescent mechanics tool set. The first thing I have to say it's the perfect set for the do-it-yourselfer for keeping in the back of your truck or in the trunk of your car. You never know when problems arise and having a basic tool to fix something is really boss especially when you avoid the tow truck and save a few bucks.

The plastic case is something that would eventually (depending on how much you use it) wear out at the hinges. I'm talking from experience from all the other plastic tool cases I own. Of course, that does not effect tool performance just the convenience of having them in one place.

If you're on the road there's nothing more frustrating than having to change something as simple as your battery and not having a 1/2 inch wrench and a ratchet with a socket to get the job done. I can't imagine not having a toolbox in the car when my wife and I go on a trip. She doesn't like having "that greasy thing in her trunk" but it's paid off at least once.

It doesn't make sense to buy Snap On tools to keep in your vehicle since the chances of getting them stolen are greater and losing them would be more frustrating. So I would say if you're a Pro, this tool kit would be OK for home and the shop truck at work. For you DIY guys and gals this is something that could come in handy.
  • Crescent 170-Piece Mechanics Tool Set contains a carefully selected assortment of Crescent brand hand tools needed for most industrial, mechanical and consumer applications
  • 3/8-Inch drive tools include 72 tooth quick release ratchet drive, 2 extensions, 3/8- to 1/4-Inch adapter, 2 spark plug sockets, 25 12-point SAE and Metric sockets and 10 6-point deep sockets SAE and Metric
  • 1/4-Inch drive tools include 72-Tooth quick release ratchet drive, 3-Inch extension, 22 6-point sockets SAE and Metric
  • Additional tools include 12 SAE and Metric combination wrenches, 2 Pliers, 8-Inch adjustable wrench, 4 screwdrivers, Magnetic bit driver with 44 driver bits, 26 SAE and Metric hex keys
  • All tools contained in a sturdy, folding plastic case
You can see there are both metric and standard sizes along with 12 point and 6 point sockets. Did You Know? A lot of metric and standard sizes are similar  i.e. 14mm and 9/16. I'm sure if you were stuck for metric you would find a standard wrench that would fit.
I hope this Crescent mechanics tool set review has helped you out. If you would like me to review something for you, please leave a comment below.

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Kyle said...

I'd rather have Snap-On tools/kit in my vehicle and lose them if my car were stolen then have inferior tools in a roadside break down. I can just see them breaking as I'm using them on the side of the road.