Thursday, July 01, 2010

Oil Change Gone Wrong

I just had to post this video since I've seen so many of these accidents throughout the years, this went from a simple oil change to a not so simple body job. I've witnessed bay doors being KO'd to vehicles falling off ramps and hoists and yes, I've had a few minor accidents.

One was a technical glitch, we have remote door openers for our bay doors. One time I accidentally hit the button or more like brushed against the remote with my heavy parka (winter time) and down came the door on top of the bus.

The doors have automatic sensors that are supposed to stop it from coming down when it feels resistance. However, the roof hatch is 3 inches higher and smacked into the bottom section of the bay door since I could not hear it rolling down over the noise of the diesel engine.

It got fixed and life goes on... just remember to get someone to guide you into the shop, especially if there is a pit in the floor. And this is you in the video I think it would be wise to get some driving lessons.

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