Monday, August 02, 2010

Meet Our New Shop Cat "Sweetpea"

When you think of cats you picture them at home sleeping on a comfy pillow and nibbling on some food. We recently adopted a little female tabby that started hanging around the shop. You would not think a bunch of guys in coveralls would take a liking to a stray cat.

We determined our new resident was a female and someone came up with the name "Sweetpea". Who knows how this particular name came about, no one asked. The bus driver who named her was one of the guys with treats who Sweetpea knew very well. She would wait for him in his empty bus stall to come back after his morning run and dish out the snacks.

Almost instantly the donations started to flow including lots of food, a cat bed and a collar with a name tag and a bell. The question of getting her spayed was a hot topic since no one wanted to be responsible for finding a home for a litter of kittens. Before you could say "Purina Cat Chow" a bunch of us pitched in enough cash to get the operation done. Bob Barker from the Price Is Right would be proud.

It's comforting to know that I work with a bunch of animal lovers. Sweetpea is a nice distraction during the daily duties. She has no fear and we all make sure we check for a wandering kitty during our walk around before backing buses out of the shop.

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Shiba Inu Pictures said...

Love the cat. Hopefully it sheds less than my shiba inu.