Wednesday, April 06, 2011

School Bus Engine Rebuild Video Cat 3116

Here's a video I put together going through the steps to rebuilding and installing a Cat 3116 Diesel engine in a pusher school bus. It's a big job and you can see it happen in a matter of minutes. It's much easier to assemble the transmission to the engine and use the trans jack for support and hydraulic hoist on the front end.

The whole works rolls right into the frame. Thankfully Thomas Bus allows the rear end frame to be removed. The Cat 3116 is a fussy engine to set up and you MUST have the Cat tool kit. There is no way to set up the timing, synchronization & fuel setting without the kit.

The valve train is the only weak spot on these engines, when they get too hot (in this case) the exhaust valve let loose requiring the major repair including a new cylinder head. Too avoid this keep the engine temperature down and check valve adjustment every 30,000 to 40,000 km (18-24,000 Miles). Enjoy the video....Please Leave a Comment

School Bus Mechanic Pictures..Exclusive! by jelletse

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