Monday, October 24, 2011

The New Airless Tire From Michelin

This is a new radical design from Michelin (they call it the twheel ..not sure if that's the proper spelling). Mechanics beware, someday the tire machine will become extinct. these tires have a sheer band, deformable wheel and flexible spokes.The one downer about them is law enforcement spike strips will not stop them. Flat tires will be non-existent with this technology. The price? If they are guaranteed for life then I might shell out some serious cash for a set. Looking at the photo they appear to flex quite a bit so the ride should not be compromised although maybe a different feel on the road.

Here's a quick video from Michelin. They say it's going to be another 10 to 15 years away before we'll see it on the market. This would eventually take work away from the everyday mechanic but that's progress.


jason @ Car Servicing said...

At least it'll stop Mrs Jason moaning at me to check the tyre pressure EVERY time we go out.

Not expecting them to be too cheap though!

motorcycle mechanic said...

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Charles Powell said...

This will be an interesting feature in the future. As far as taking jobs away. It depends. The shop I work in we don't deal with tires as far as tire repair. That's is contract work that is bidded out to make they repair tires,balancing or replace damage tires. Though as I am wrting this I do see places that specialize in tires such as Just Tires, American Tire company would have to expand their services or tire repairmen who put tires on and off a truck or bus on the road being out of a job.

J. E. Whelan said...

motorcycle mechanic
The problem with not going to a recognized school is you won't get the accreditation you need to show prospective employers that you're qualified. I would check out grants or save up for tuition.

Mike said...

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