Friday, December 16, 2011

MaxxForce DT Diesel Engine

This video is on the big Bore Models in Highway Trucks and covers a large part on how the MaxxForce Engines are contructed.

The MaxxForce DT Diesel Engine is the newest edition of the original DT 466 and DT 466E diesel engines. Our fleet brought in five 2010 IC conventional school buses with this engine model. They are 230 HP with a 7.6 Liter (466 cu. in.) displacement.

They stuck with the wet sleeve cylinder design which is very popular with us Mechanics who do in-frames. If you've ever done an in-frame there is no comparison to an integral (DRY) cylinder diesel engine model. The dry sleeve design of course means pulling the entire engine out of the frame. This adds labor and parts expenses.

I did some research on these diesel engine models since it's always an advantage to know the details on our fleet engines. They have the roller cam followers which helps reduce wear and tear on the camshaft and valve train. A 4 valve per cylinder configuration helps with breathing and emission controls.

This video explains the EGR system in Maxxforce 2010 Engine Models.

Other features include:
  • replaceable valve seats and guides
  • top of engine access to fuel filter and fuel/water seperator
  • top loading fuel strainer
  • maintenance free closed crankcase ventilation system
  • internal cylinder dosing eliminates downstream fuel injection equipment.
  • On-board diagnostics system
  • International's electro-hydraulic generation two (G2) electronic controls for optimizing fuel economy and delivery. 
  • G2 fuel system allows diesel particulate regeneration without equipment dowstream.
  • EVRT electronically controlled turbo creates improved engine torque curve and response and produces exhaust back pressure to better control EGR rate of flow and exhaust braking.
Jacobs exhaust brake (optional) up to 150 brake horse power. Works with the EVRT Turbo eliminating standard exhaust brake system.  The MaxxForce DT Diesel Engines in our fleet have been running great so far. 


Bindu said...

Interesting blog!

Anonymous said...

I do hope that International has fixed the cold weather problems with the closed breather system on the 2010's. Water vapor builds inside the CAC and freezes on below zero days. No boost till CAC unfreezes, then engine tries to burn water. Very interesting time for driver's and mechanics alike.

Kenneth Gibbons LLC said...

I grew up in my grandfather's gas station. We rebuilt so many cars. buses and trucks over the years. This is a great blog. Thanks, Ken

Bindu said...

Super cool video!

bryan fleet service said...

The video clears all my doubts. And the recent changes make this engine work more efficient.

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