Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cummins ISB Diesel Engine Assembly Video - Animated

The Cummins ISB Diesel Engine is dependable and since we run several in our fleet I can stand behind that statement. They came from the factory perfectly compatible to the transmission and we've had very few problems. The exhaust gaskets and connector on the manifold, a couple of  failed water pumps along with some minor codes are all that we've had to deal with since 2009.

These problems have all been covered by warranty so it's a win win situation. One of our codes involved the water in fuel light coming on and going off intermittently. The solution has turned out to be the 'Racor water in fuel sensor' on the primary fuel filter.  

 Have a look at the animated video showing in detail the assembly process of this engine. Who needs a manual, you can pause the video anytime as you go along. All you need is the torque specs.

  Cummins ISB Diesel Engine Video 

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