Saturday, March 03, 2012

International Truck Engines Diagnostics Software

International Truck Engines Require Powerful Diagnostic Tools 

Modern International truck engines need a tool to interface with the software and read diagnostics to properly repair and maintain the engine. It's virtually impossible to guess and change parts successfully unless you trip over a bad wire or connection. That's the one big difference when you compare today's electronic diesel engines to older models that ran their injection systems mechanically. I can remember cracking fuel lines to check for an engine miss.

Can you imagine that....allowing raw diesel fuel to run down the engine block onto the ground or shop floor? Your looking at a huge fine if it got out to the right environmental department.
I get a lot of questions on the DT466E with no power and performance problems. I can't troubleshoot very well through email and offer general advice like checking the source first and the fuel supply system.

After that... the fuel and high pressure oil system running the injection system needs to be tested. The only way to go is to have the proper software that will help you read codes and troubleshoot the right way. Shooting in the dark isn't going to work and you'll need deep pockets.

International Truck Engines Diagnostic Software

Service Maxx

Analyzes all MaxxForce & International Truck Engines by displaying operating data with active and inactive trouble codes (DTC) . Performing diagnostic tests with the engine on or off is invaluable with the ability to capture engine snapshots while the fault is occurring.

While displaying essential data you can save multiple files to keep up to date records. Remembering what I said earlier about checking for an engine with International engine truck engine software you have the ability to perform injector disable and cutout tests.

Diamond Logic Builder

Diagnosing  the electrical system and customizing electronic parameters makes electronic troubleshooting 10 times easier. The textual and graphic formats allows an easy visual of what each circuit is doing from circuit to the next. Vehicle codes can be displayed as well along with vehicle parameters and features.

Instrument Panel Cluster

Diagnosis of the instrument panel on medium- and heavy-duty, post-1991 (pre-multiplex electrical systems), instrument panel clusters. International truck engines are designed with software to allow a more precise diagnosis without the guess work involved in tracing wires and looking for wrg. diagrams all the time.


bushmechanic said...

Hey John this is Will Tilley(bushmechanic)I posted a question on mechanicshub about a DT530E engine and would like to have your input on it,thanks.

Truck Engine said...

Truly said! Truck engine require proper, high performance and tested diagnostic tools which shows proper and accurate results. Everyone should opt this for their engines.

Dorthy Packer said...

Thank you for posting this. This is definitely what my truck's engine needs. These truck diagnostic tools seem like a better quality and the best way to go about checking your engine. I'm not much of a mechanic myself but I have a neighbor who is. What should I tell him to get?