Wednesday, April 25, 2012

School Transportation News

School Transportation News - Overview

In my opinion School Transportation News is the most up to date school transportation magazine that's available both online and offline. They publish 11 months out of the year and clearly have their finger on the pulse of the school bus transportation industry.


They are a great source for what's happening in the industry along with trends that affect the safety and efficiency of school bus transportation throughout North America. School Transportation News is viewed by over 23,000 people working in the industry along with agencies from all levels of government and national associations.

STN is always looking for the latest news and stories related to school bus transportation to keep the magazine current. Below are some highlights that I recommend from their website.

They have a Resources Page with maintenance tips, repairs and specifications.

Hundreds of articles: My personal favorite the School Bus Bay section.

Also a social media section called STN SOCIAL where school bus mechanics and anyone interested can hang out, interact, ask questions and publish new found solutions to a problem.

 Since School Transportation News comes in a Digital Version you have online access to everything and anything school bus related. I recommend taking some time to check it out!

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School transportation news has lots of great content :-)