Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mechanics Hub Membership Site Tour

I not only post here but also at Mechanics interactive site for mechanics and non mechanics to hang around and talk about machinery /equipment in all industries. I joined in 2009 and have enjoyed sharing information, videos and photos.

Mechanics Hub also has a forum, job board and industry news along with many other related links to some great information. If you click on the 'Blogs' link you will find my articles there on diesel engines, school buses and several other commercial transport related posts.

Mechanics Forum

I know from experience that finding good information online is extremely difficult. There are lots of forums and sites that want to sell auto parts etc. but not a lot of reliable information to answer mechanical questions. I see sites that offer "ask a mechanic" but that comes with a fee. The MH forum has categories for construction, highway, bus and coach, forestry and many more.

Great Information For Tech Schools

There are a lot of sites on the Internet and I haven't seen many better than MH for the simple reason that they deliver quality information. If you are looking for a Technical school in your area there is a link on the site for technical schools in Canada and the USA.

There are a lot of jobs available if you're willing to pack your bags. I would encourage anyone who wants to get into the commercial transport or heavy duty mechanic trade to have a look at the jobs board and see what's available. There you will see jobs all over the continent that pay very well. I an seeing a huge need for mechanics these days and there will be an even larger demand in the future so now is the time to get to school for your pre-apprenticeship course and start pulling wrenches!

See my Mechanics Hub Members Tour Video

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