Saturday, October 29, 2005


Welcome to the very first post of my 'School Bus Mechanic' Blog!

My name is John Whelan, I live in Kamloops, B.C. Canada. My day job? Heavy Duty Mechanic for the Kamloops School District. Repairing and maintaining a fleet of 70 school buses and numerous support vehicles is what I do, along-side the other mechanics I work with.

Today's school buses are far more advanced than you may think. The diesel engines and transmissions are all electronic with on-board computers that monitor emissions, driveability and faults.

There's still the typical 12 volt systems, air brakes, steering and other components that make a school bus run.

Here's the plan; I will be taking my digital camera with me and taking daily photos of our operation, giving you a rather interesting insight into the daily happenings of a typical school bus garage!

I've always wanted to do this as no one really knows what a School Bus Mechanic does all day. Some jobs are easy and others aren't but that makes the job interesting with lots of challenges filled with variety.

Sharing some AHA! moments will make postings even more interesting, troubleshooting faults and problems can be painstaking but always thought provoking!

After working in this trade for 28 years it's nice to be able to pass on my knowledge and experiences, both past and present.

One thing for sure, no one knows everything; Technology is always changing, humility and patience is needed when it comes to learning something new.

I'm hoping curiosity seekers, other mechanics or bus owners will leave a message or two and have some input or ask questions. There are no barriers or restrictions here, everyone is welcome!


John Whelan


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Love but Hate said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah John...marty mechanic here..working on a DD pusher '91 Carpenter with the 4wheel Bendix abs system.
I have the abs, dash warning lite "on" full time...but only after the M21 modulator clicks twice and the dash lite blinks twice (after turning ignition "on". This EC 14 computer is mounted up front under the drivers side "hood" acsess panel. I reset with the magnet...all the led's lite "red" momentarily as they are supposed to do....the green led shows steady on the ECU "power". Using the Bendix "book", I have done all my dash lite relay checks including the harness open and short and continuity checks. My book does not explain the two "flashes" of the abs dash lite.....and I personally feel that they "mean" something, cuz there is the corresponding double click from the M21 front modulator.
You can email me or talk to me thru your great column....I am sure glad you are willing to share what you know dude!!
Sincerely, Marty Schreiber...Marty Mechanic...ASE certified Bus Master. or 831-345-6000.