Sunday, October 30, 2005

The principles of a diesel engine are very basic but certain conditions must be met before ignition occurs.
  • Extreme heat
  • High compression
  • High pressure atomized fuel injected into the cylinder at the right time.

This scenario is performed inside each cylinder of a diesel engine at high rpms and under heavy loads.

The INTAKE valve opens allowing air into the cylinder on the piston downstroke.

Both valves are closed on the COMPRESSION stroke creating extreme heat and compression in the cylinder, as the piston comes to top dead center the injector delivers a high pressure spray of atomized fuel. Fuel delivery timing is essential at this stage.

This causes an explosion in the cylinder and the POWER stroke comes alive.

As the piston comes up once again the EXHAUST valve opens, pushing out the previously ignited gases.

This a simple over-view of a 4 stroke diesel engine.

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