Monday, October 31, 2005


This the first one in our school bus fleet and so far it's been met with positive feedback from our operators. What I like about it is the headroom, in the older buses I've caught my hair in the roof seams many times! The engineers must have heard my cries.

The Mercedes MBE 900 engine is performing well at 230 horsepower. Time will tell how this engine responds to the demanding stop and go driving habits and our below freezing weather.

They come with a diesel fueled coolant heater and automatic pre-trip system, the operator just has to casually walk around the bus while the exterior lights and stop arms go through the motions.

These buses are quieter than the older Freightliners, a common complaint from drivers is cab noise.

We are currently changing the oil on all our electronic diesels at 15,000 km [9,000 miles] and taking oil samples for analysis. No problems have arisen since we started this program.
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    Anonymous said...

    I drive a 07 c2 and am having a random issue with the wipers and horn not working in the mornings. Outside temperature is around freezing point, and once I've been driving for several miles they will begin working. They seem to always work in the afternoon when it is warmer outside. Any ideas?