Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cummins isb diesel motors

CUMMINS ISB DIESEL MOTORS- Replacing The Head Gasket

Replacing the head gasket is required on one of our Freightliner Conventional School Buses. The leak was minor, just under the thermostat housing but it won't fix itself so it's time to remove the cylinder head.
Once the piping,sensor connectors, hoses and injection lines are removed [coolant drained] the manifolds can be removed along with the head bolts. The injectors may be left in the head but care must be taken not to lay head down flat on the bench, this will damage the injector tips $$$$!
This part of the operation does not require TLC because we'll be replacing all the gaskets anyways.
To Be Continued..... Cummins isb diesel motors


Anonymous said...

Most exellent that you have taken your interests and put them into words and pictures! I'm not a true deisel mech. but I do own and maintain a Cat 3116 and a Cummins 5.9, both mech. versions in 2 ton trucks. It is a shame that so many other professions get coverage on the web but medium duty and even heavy duty trucks don't get the mechanics involved like the gassers. Just dropping a line to say we are out here and appreciate your indepth coverage into these engines. I guess it is only natural to progress from light duty trucks to medium duty trucks. I find them to be constructed much better than any one ton exept for some shared interior cabs. I'm looking at a frozen block heater in the Cat 3116. Can't get it loose even with the hex head screw backed out. Have you ever had to use a slide hammer to get them out? (drill,tap,wack,crack) This time of year maybe you could comment on how to replace them along with the themostat? Thank you, Brandon in PA.

John Whelan said...

Hello anonymous!
Thanks for your comment. Regarding your 3116 block heater removal problem: Most definitely I have used a slide hammer, what works for me [since all you are fighting against is an dried up o-ring]is clamping a pair of vise grips onto the retaining bolt head and hooking the slide hammer with the appropriate end onto a good edge between the jaws of the vise grips. Or drilling out the heater body and using a threaded slide hammer attachment.
Hope this helps.
John Whelan.

AyatollahGondola@Aol.com said...

I have a dodge 97 with a cummins engine that recently developed a knock, lost power, leaked oil from the gasket along the driver side of the engine. I'm not a deisel mechanic either. In fact, it has been years since I dismantled any engine. But I have to at least look into this one. I have the engine dismantled up to the head at this point. should I remove the rocker arms before the head bolts are removed?
Also, do you know what is a good descriptive shop manual for these engines? Cummins has a website that you pay by the month, day or year on line, but it is for all their engines and I'm too poor to pay for anything but my own these days.
Kamloops eh? I went through Canada with this engine in 97 on the way to Alaska. Great country you have there. But protect it carefully; I'm in California and we are becoming one with Mexico by force. Don't make me post pictures

John Whelan said...

You will have to remove rocker arms, push rods and injectors[to prevent damage to tips]with coolant drained.
You might want to check the bottom end of your engine as well, pull oil pan and check pistons and cylinders.
I will try and post more information on the B engines.
Good Luck! John.