Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cummins isb diesel motors

CUMMINS ISB Diesel Motors - Head Gasket Replacement Cont...

Once the CUMMINS ISB diesel engine cylinder head is removed we must clean and inspect it. This particular engine is only 5 years old so there wasn't anything with the head that required attention. Once the head is cleaned up the top of the block & cylinders need attending to, the crosshatch pattern is still visible in the cylinders which tells us there's very little wear on the cylinder walls.

The old cylinder head gasket shows us exactly where the problem area was, the deterioration around the right front corner is easy to spot. The local CUMMINS dealer told us that this particular diesel engine model leaks in the same place, just under the thermostat housing. Even if there is evidence of a minor stain the problem will escalate eventually.
We now install the new gasket and head [very carefully] torque all the head bolts to 59 ft. lbs. / recheck. torque again to 77 ft. lbs. / recheck, lastly rotate each head bolt another 90 degrees. The torque pattern is the same as ever for any head component, start from the middle and move in a circular pattern out to each end of the head. DONE!

NOTE: CUMMINS diesel engine head bolts are all tightened using the 'TORQUE & TURN' method, the angle markings on top of the bolt head will confirm this. After the final torque the head bolts are rotated another 90 degrees.

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