Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cummins isb Diesel Motors

CUMMINS ISB Diesel Motors - Head Gasket Completion
So now that the head is installed and torqued the accessories can be reassembled on our diesel engine. The fuel line fittings have to be torqued to specs. 28 ft. lbs. for the head fittings and 212 in. lbs. at the injection pump.
The crossheads, pushrods and rocker assemblies can be installed and the rocker retaining bolts must be torqued to 27 ft. lbs.


Using the rocker method:
Rotate the engine until #6 valves are rocking meaning the exhaust valve is just closing and the intake valve is just starting to open. Stop rotating the engine when the intake valve JUST starts to move. The engine is on #1 TDC Compression stroke.

Intake Valve Clearance: .010 Exhaust Valve Clearance: .020

ADJUST #1 #2 #4 Intake valves #1 #3 #5 Exhaust Valves


ADJUST #3 #5 #6 Intake Valves #2 #4 #6 Exhaust Valves

Reassembly from here is straight forward except for bleeding the fuel system which requires loosening the fuel return line [upper] fitting on the right side of the fuel filter and cranking over the engine. That's it for now on Cummins isb diesel motors.

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