Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cummins Diesel Engine - Finding Codes

Cummins Diesel Engines

The world of computerized Diesel Engines has been around for awhile now and they are definitely here to stay. The emission standards are very high and most of the population does not have a problem with that since these standards effect the air that we breath.
Many years ago it didn't matter how rich the exhaust emissions were in your everyday diesel engine. The richer the mix meant more power!
Today, diesel engine power has to be sacrificed for the good of our health, environment and global warming. That's it for my environmental public service message!

Today the up to date mechanic has to hook up a laptop and read diesel engine fault codes. I looked at a Cummins Diesel engine [ISC model ] that had an amber warning light come on. 'Warning' being the operative word since you can usually keep driving until the problem is checked out back at the shop.

The fault code was '0268' which means: fuel pressure in accumulator is not changing with engine operating conditions. This code will cause power and/or speed derate and the engine could run rough. This is the worst case scenario, the diesel engine in this case did a hiccup and then kept running smoothly after that. The Cummins Insight software will tell you everything, how many times the code occurred and at at what time of the day etc.

The Accumulator is part of the C.A.P.S [Cummins Accumulator Pump System] and controls the fuel injection operation of the Cummins Diesel ISC Engine.
The code only happened one time so I deleted it [since it was inactive] and replaced the fuel filters.

There has been no comeback so I'm going to knock on wood, no sense digging deeper into such a minor problem. We'll wait and see!

This is just a tidbit on what it's like working on a electronic Cummins Diesel Engine.

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