Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cummins Diesel Engines - B Series

Cummins Diesel Engines

To help you better understand the Cummins Diesel Engine-B Series let's start at the beginning. I will show you first what is called the Engine Nomenclature which is the data of this diesel engine.

For Automotive Diesel engine applications B is the engine series 3.9 is the displacement in litres 105 is the horsepower rating. This is a B 3.9 - 105 Cummins diesel engine.

For non-automotive applications the model would be 4 number of cylinders B engine series
T turbocharged A aftercooled 3.9 Displacement in litres. This model is a 4 B T A 3.9 Cummins diesel engine.

The Cummins diesel engine data plate is something you don't want to lose! It's fastened very securely to the timing cover housing but I have seen a few get damaged. The information on the data plate is essential when ordering parts. The Engine Serial Number, Control Parts List [CPL], Injector Part Number are all included on the engine data plate.

On my next post I will continue with repair instructions & tips on the B series Cummins Diesel Engine.

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