Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Chevy Truck-fuel pump replacement tip

Chevy Truck fuel pump replacement is normally accomplished by putting the truck on the hoist and dropping the fuel tank down far enough to gain access to the fuel pump.
TIP: We pull the box mounting bolts and get 4 of us to lift it far enough back to gain access to the pump. the box balances nicely on the bumper and tires, it takes a bit of manpower but it works out great! No mess, no fuss and much nicer to work on. Around 100,000 km seems to be the failure point for a lot of fuel pumps on Chevy Trucks


swinada said...

hmm have to remember this, since my GMC has only 115'000km and I already changed the fuel pump twice. First time at 18'000 second time around 65'000

Sophie Tilley said...

I have seen many school buses. As I remember twice my school bus got problem then it taken much time in fitting.
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