Friday, June 02, 2006

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine-Fuel Rack Synchronization

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine synchronization is the next step once the fuel injectors are installed. Each injector is seperate from each other and have there own fuel rack. So the main linkage which is controlled by the governor must be synchronized so each injector rack supplies the same amount of fuel into the cylinders. #1 injector is the only one that is not adjusted because it is factory set so the other 5 injectors can be set to #1.

So what we want to accomplish by this setting is to have exactly the same travel on each fuel injector as the racks move from no fuel to full fuel depending on engine demand.
There are calibration tools that have to be used on #1 injector so the right dimension is achieved when checking the other injectors. All these tools are found in the Cat 3116 Tune-up kit with instructions. There is a bit of a learning curve using these tools but if you want to save some bucks and do it yourself it's totally possible.
This was just a basic overview on Synchronization for the Cat 3116 Diesel Engine


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carl said...

hi, whats the best way to find a miss? 3116 , pull the exhaust ???? any help would be great and could you tell me where i could the cat tune-up kit thanks ck

John Whelan said...

Check the exhaust temp at the exhaust manifold at each cylinder. The coolest running cyl. could be your miss[bad injector]

Another way is to remove the valve cover and move each fuel rack pin one at a time[located at the botttom of the injector body]while the engine is running.

By overfueling each injector one at a time you can find the miss, when you get to the bad injector the original miss will still be there, while overfueling the other good injectors will cause a second miss.

John Whelan said...

Also, the tune-up kit can be found or ordered from any Cat Dealer.

Anonymous said...

do you know the cost of the 3116 kit