Sunday, August 13, 2006



Back in June I posted some news about rebuilding one of our Cat 3116 engines. Well it has been put on hold because of the workload we always experience during the summer.

With 70 buses lined up we have to complete preventive maintenance and repairs on them. So the priority is with our fleet readiness for September and not the 3116 engine I promised to rebuild for you readers some time ago.

But it will happen once the school year starts and I have more time to get into the nuts and bolts of this project. I will be camera ready and full of information for you with a step by step rebuild from the block up.

The block has already been machined and re-sleeved so it is sitting in the corner of the shop wrapped up in plastic. Stay tuned !

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Dan Fortin/ said...

You'll do fine John.Pretty strait forward.Watch out for the oil control rings as you compress to install piston/rod assembly,make sure you use a known to be good ring compressor(NOT NEW)or get the corrugated looking type for best results.You ,make find some cracking of head bolt bosses in the block,,,,,won't be a problem more than likely.,,,,,You'll save thousands by doing it yourself,I did.