Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Machining Heavy Duty Brake Linings On The Vehicle

Machining heavy duty brake shoes on the vehicle is accomplished with this special tool that we use for brake problems.
On this application we are using up some oversize linings to fit a standard sized brake drum. A lot of times this machine is used on front brakes when glazing, brake pull and squeal conditions

The brake drum is measured to adjust the cutting arm to the same dimension as the drum. The brake linings are adjusted manually to extend the linings out to meet the cutting bit. The machining continues until a complete and even cut has been made on the surfaces of both linings.

The brake lining machining tool slides over the adapters on the spindle. Then the lathe is slid over the adapters and secured with a fastening collar.
The motor is connected to the back end to drive the lathe which runs on a threaded shaft causing it to feed inward, slowly machining both brake shoes in a rotational manner.

This tool is invaluable for touching up problematic brakes. The drums can be turned if necessary and you are guaranteed 100% contact.


Dean Demos said...

John, I just bought a '93 Thomas 84 pass. w/Cat 3116 and Allison MT 643. 151k miles. Tranny replaced at 130k miles. Valves were adjusted at just over 100k.

Governor kicks in at 2750 rpm. Can I cruise at that rpm? We are a private Christian school and will use the bus for events and long trips. It drives great! Feels like an Eagle.

Thanks for your column. Although I can't do repairs to that extent, it helps me get to know this engine.

Dean Demos

John Whelan said...

You can run at any RPM under maximum governed speed and the best way is under load.