Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fuel Saving - Adding Acetone To Your Fuel?

I have recently been hearing from word of mouth about adding Acetone to gas for improving fuel mileage.

This is the first I have heard of this and was amazed to see quite a few websites supporting this claim.

I found a great website where a gentleman has been using Acetone for decades without any problems. He recommends 1-3 ounces of pure Acetone to every 10 gallons of gasoline.
I am definitely going to try it !

Acetone is supposed to smooth out combustion and stop soot buildup from the exhaust system among other things.

He has been doing research on fuel saving devices and products just to share with us the consumers and get back at vehicle manufacturers and oil companies. MY HERO!

Here is an example from the FAQ:

Q:What kind of mileage increase will acetone give my car?

Normally from 15% to 35% depending on your driving habits and how many of our mileage suggestions you have taken.

But we have seen 35% and even higher in Neons.

We know an aeronautical engineer in San Jose whose test car went from a baseline of 19.3 MPG to 27. He certified this with his ScanGauge. That is a genuine boost of 27%. Note on a downhill cruise with the gas pedal up, the ScanGauge places the instant reading goes OVER 100 MPG.

So it pays to back off on the gas when cruising down hills. We know a Neon owner whose MPG average went from 23 to 44.5 MPG. Normal is now over 40 MPG in his 2004 Neon, according to his ScanGauge. BTW there is now a new and smaller ScanGauge 2 for both gasoline and diesel.

Too bad the Neon line was discontinued. People tended to hang on to them for the great mileage. This evidently angered Chrysler, so the line is discontinued after 2005. Shame.

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