Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine-Assembling pistons

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine Piston Assembly:
Pistons for this model come in one piece or two piece assemblies. We are working with the two piece piston which we are going to assemble using new piston pins and retainers. Assemble skirt and crowns with new pins and a liberal amount of engine assembly lube. Make sure piston pin retaining snap rings are spinning freely once installed.

Install oil ring [coiled] expander first in bottom groove, it sits behind the oil ring and has to be joined together. Install oil ring over expander making sure the spot where the expander joins together is 180 degrees from oil ring gap. Install middle compression ring which will be marked UP 2 [UP will be facing the top of the piston and 2 means 2nd ring from the top]
Install top piston ring which is marked UP 1. The three ring gaps must be 120 degrees apart. Rod bearings come in matched sets and can only be installed one way in connecting rod and connecting rod cap.

We are ready to install the 3116 pistons.

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