Friday, October 20, 2006

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine-Installing Pistons

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine Piston Installation

The piston rings have been installed using a ring expander tool. The ring gaps must be positioned 120 degres apart.

Lubricate piston and rings with clean engine oil and tighten ring compressor tool around piston.

Lube rod bearings with assembly grease [I am using "Clevite 77" engine assembly grease for bearings/Lubriplate 105 grease is OK as well]

Slide hose over both connecting rod cap bolts to protect crankshaft journals during installation. Rotate crankshaft so rod journals for pistons to be installed is at bottom dead center.

Coat cylinder with engine oil or lubriplate 105 and gently tap piston into cylinder until upper connecting rod bearing seats on crankshaft journal.

Note: Install piston with scribed cylinder number on rod and cap facing oil cooler side. The stamped number faces the camshaft side.

Once seated on crankshaft journal remove hoses from rod bolts and install connecting rod cap.

The tabs on the connecting rod bearings should mate with each other.

We are able to do 2 cylinders at a time since they are both at bottom dead center position on the crankshaft.

Torque rod caps to 40 ft. lbs. + or - 5 ft. lbs.

Turn nuts an additional 60 degrees which is equal to one hex on the nut. Each nut has six sides = 60 degrees each.

Grab rod cap and make sure there is side movement on the crankshaft journal.

Continue installing remaining pistons

3116 Cat Diesel Engine rebuild - to be continued.........

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Anonymous said...

when cat supplies you with 3 piston packs with fractured rods and three with bolts and nuts,what is the differance in torque from nuts to bolts with fractured rod?