Monday, October 30, 2006

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine - Install Oil Pump

The Cat 3116 oil pump is a positive flow gear pump which has an idler gear driven off the crankshaft gear.
The oil pump has sealing o-rings against the block and on the output housing.
The 2 mounting bolts are torqued to 45 ft. lbs. The pickup tube is bolted to the bottom of the block.
Install the oil pan {after the timing cover installation} with a new gasket and the bolts torqued to 18 ft. lbs.

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine Continued........


Anonymous said...

I have a 97 GMC 5 ton with a Cat 3116 engine, and it starts fine, but then will not restart after shut off utill its cold again. In researching, I've found this could be fuel pump, oil pressure pump, and maybe fuel injectors. Was wondering if you might know, or have a suggestion how to narrow it down cause I can't eeny meany and hope to change the right one before I've done all three. :)

John Whelan said...

Check your fuel shutdown solenoid, when you try to start hot there should be a noticeable click in the solenoid meaning it's energizing. This is if everything else on your engine is runnng normally.
That's where I would start