Friday, October 27, 2006

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine - Installing Front Timing Gear Housing/Idler & Camshaft

The flywheel housing has been installed and our 3116 Diesel Engine and is standing upright with the front of the engine facing skyward.

The Idler gear has been mounted here as shown, the gear runs on a bearing fed from a drilled oil hole in the block.

The middle section is torqued to 40 ft. lbs. NOTE: Can only be mounted one way because of the bolt hole locations.

Notice the timing marks lined up with the crankshaft gear.

The timing gear housing can now be installed with a thin layer of gasket maker between the housing and block. {I use LOCTITE gasket maker}.

The front crankshaft seal has been previously installed with a seal driver. Leave the plastic ring in seal until vibration dampner is ready for installation.

Torque gear housing bolts to 18 ft. lbs. + OR - 2 ft. lbs. {I give them 20 ft. lbs.}

Lubricate camshaft main journals and Bushings with engine assembly grease LOCTITE 105 or CLEVITE 77.

CAREFULLY install Camshaft.

Line up timing mark on camshaft with idler gear timing mark.

This is THE most important step of assembly!

The camshaft hold down spacer is torqued to 20 ft. lbs.

It slides into a slot in camshaft and should be installed before lowering camshaft into block. {prelube spacer}


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soldier7mech said...

What about the timing marks in the flywheel? I have the timing plug removed on the leftside of the block and I see a hole. Can I assume #1 tdc? What do you use as a timing bolt(size)?