Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thomas Pusher School Bus - Removing Radiator

This Thomas School Bus had a leaking radiator that required removal and repair. All the body panels must be removed to gain access to the radiator. The air charge cooler must be removed as well, it cools the turbocharged intake air to create more density/volume.

Fortunately this radiator core was repairable being a 1999 model, This is the best way when running a fleet of 70 School buses. The Thomas Pushers have transversely mounted radiators since they have rear drive engines and transmissions.


Anonymous said...

Wondering if you know what type of radiators Thomas Built Rear Engine buses used from 1990-1996? I believe the model type was a Saf-T-Liner but that's all the info I have. Thanks!

John Whelan said...

The radiators for the pushers come from Memphis and we order them from a thomas dealer. Unless it can be repaired or you can find an aftermarket radiator. I've tried that route without any luck.