Thursday, June 28, 2007

Starting Up A Thomas School Bus With A Mercedes MBE 900 Diesel Engine

This a quick clip starting up a Mercedes Diesel Engine in one of our Thomas C2 Model School Buses. I'm using my digital camera and have not perfected the video techniques yet [I'm no Steven Spielberg]

The C2 has a much higher ceiling and greater visibility which our operators appreciate. The 3 position dual engine brake is very popular with Drivers [and Mechanics, since it will cut down on brake jobs.]

The Multi-plex wiring is very unique on the C2, to give you an idea: dash switches can be inter-changed anywhere on the dash. Each switch has a different resistance amount so the computer can read that resistance and know which circuit is activated.

The Thomas C2 also has a programmed pre-trip. With the flashers on and the signal switch pulled up, the ignition switch has to be cycled to the accessory side 3 times and then left on accessory. When the signal switch is released from the upward position the operator can do a walk-around and check all the regular lights and the loading lights. When the electric horn sounds the check is completed.


Mrianti said...

I am soo pleased our District rejected the Thomas bid this year .
Last year Thomas was unable to deliver the bid they won .

ended up with non spec Blurbirds but better off IMO.

jbrann said...

Dear John,
I am currently looking at a freightliner M2 with MBE 900 330 Hp 1000lb torque, 10 speed eaton-fuller. This truck if pre-emission so that is a plus. We also are considering a 09 new build with all the new pollution stuff with a cumming ISC 285 HP 800lb torgue,6speed eaton. I can find no good advise on the web except the bias of freightliner in regards the mercedes engine. Is this from your experience a good motor or would you rather have the cummings. Would you mind explaining why?

John Whelan said...

I like both diesels but the pre emmission Mercedes are very reliable. The only problems we have had is the exhaust manifold/bolts breaking and the odd fuel leak. I haven't experienced the Cummins 08 emmission buses but have heard there are some bugs with both Mercedes and Cummins. If it were my choice I would pick the Mercedes.