Friday, July 06, 2007

Thomas School Bus - Freightliner Conventional Charge Air Cooler Replacement

Here's some quick shots, changing the air charge cooler on a conventional Freightliner School Bus.

The air to air piping connects directly to the Turbo outlet which supplies boost pressure to the engine intake system. The turbo boost flows through the air charge cooler which cools the air before the intake increasing the density and in turn the total volume.

The hood is easily removed from wiring harness and two pins on hinges.


Paul said...

Any ideas on repairing the hood on a freightliner bus? Our 2005 vintage hoods are breaking at the hinge mount. A new hood is nearly $1,000.00. There must be a way to repair this?

John said...

Paul, check out They have a fiberglass reinforcing brace that is meant to stop that from happening.