Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cummins Diesel Engine Running in a Thomas School Bus

This Thomas [pusher] School Bus is powered by a Cummins "C" Model Diesel Engine. The displacement is 8.3 Litres with a inline 6 cylinder configuration. The fuel injection system is run by a Bosch injection pump with fuel nozzles installed in each cylinder. You can see the accessability at the front of the engine which houses the timing gears making engine disassembly [camshaft] a snap. The water pump is belt driven running just below the alternator. The cylinder liners are removable making engine repair very cost effective since everything can be done in the frame, hence the term [in-frame] This Diesel is very dependable with a 250 hp rating and well suited for medium duty use.


swinada said...

Really like the site you are putting up here. I got lots to learn about schoolbus maintenance since I just purchased one to be converted into a motorhome. BTW it was owned by your school district so you probably worked on it at one point or an other.
Makes me feel better to see that you take good care of your units.
Keep up the good work.

rajeshsharma7777 said...

I am a car lover and loves reading your site about buses.In India,we dont have roads were you can drive fast buses.