Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cummins Engine Repair - Installing Injectors

Cummins Engine Repair
Replace o-ring on the injector body and copper sealing washer on injector tip. Position into head with orifice pointing towards fuel connector tube opening. [click photo to enlarge]

The injector hold down installs only one way to index the injector position aligning it with the fuel connector tube. The hold down retaining bolts are torqued to 89 in. lbs.

Install fuel connector tubes [with new o-ring] into the head bore. The tube has a tapered tip that aligns with injector body. Torquing the fuel line retaining nut forces contact and a proper seal between the injector body and connector tube.

The injector lines are what retains contact between the fuel injector and connector tube. Torque the fuel line nuts to 28 ft. lbs. using a crowfoot wrench.
That's it for this post with more to come on Cummins Engine Repair.

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