Saturday, February 16, 2008

School Bus Apparel-Bus Driver Shirts & Novelties

School Bus Apparel

For all those early, dark and cold mornings this is one way to thank your favorite bus driver for his or her dedication. A lot of people don't realize how much effort and responsibilty it takes to be a school bus driver.

Bus Driver Shirts

First you need a Class 2 Air Ticket and then you have to pass the school district driving test on all models of buses in the fleet. When a School bus driver fills out the daily pre-trip inspection report and signs it, they are stating that their bus is safe to operate.

Novelties School Bus

The biggest hurdle is crowd control, when you have up to 80 students in your bus that you have to supervise along with driving the highway to various destinations.

School Transportation Gifts

Driving different road conditions also add to a bus driver's level of responsibility, so my hat goes off to all you school bus drivers out there who make it their mission to get the kids to school safely everyday. School Bus Apparel is a nice way to say ThankYou!

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