Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thomas Buses-How To Replace A Signal Switch

Thomas Buses have a signal switch that is very easy to replace. Most of the time the switch does not cancel properly which is a pain for drivers who have other things to look after and don't want to be constantly reaching for the the signal switch to manually turn it off after every corner.
The Thomas School Bus Saf-t-liners are similar with many similar components, the signal switch design did not change for many years.

Remove the upper and lower covers on the steering column. The upper cover is easier to remove when the steering column is tilted all the way down.

Use an allen wrench to remove the 2 signal switch screws holding it to the column.

Here is a top view of the upper screw being removed. As you can see the access to the signal switch is very easy.

Unplug the 2 wiring harnesses to the signal switch, they only fit one way.
Important Note:
One thing that you should watch for is to make sure the wiring running down the steering coluumn has enough slack. I've had problems where the signals do not work or short out on the column because of not having enough extra wiring to accommodate the tilt steering column movement .
The signal arm is held in the switch with a catch and can be removed by pulling on it aggressively until it releases from the switch.
Reverse this procedure and now you know how to replace the signal switch on Thomas Buses.

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